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'Life Under The Horseshoe'

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  • Our Mission Statement

    Our Mission Statement

    Our mission statement reads: Metamora Films, is committed to creating educational and thought provoking films resulting in a more emotionally engaged society.   The organization’s film projects assist in expanding compassion and tolerance in order to better understand our differences and similarities.


    Our Mission Statement
  • Heather Duhamel

    Heather Duhamel, Film Producer

    Heather was born 1980 in Idaho Falls, ID and lived there for 29 years. I have two wonderful kids Alex (13) and Natasha (12). Natasha was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome and partial complex epilepsy at age 7.  We then moved to Washington where we found her an outstanding neurologist.  more

    Heather Duhamel
  • Matt Duhamel

    Matt Duhamel, Film Director/Producer

    Matt Duhamel, a former TV news and radio personality, has turned his attention to helping others through the power of independent film.  He agrees with the idea that film can help individuals, communities and entire societies by increasing compassion, tolerance, understanding and forgiveness….more

    Matt Duhamel

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